Three Story Homestead

After almost a year of writing and blogging here on the Charm City Homestead blog, I’ve decided to rename the blog and our urban homestead. Going forward, I will be writing as Three Story Homestead at!

While I love our home in Baltimore, “Charm City,” looking to the future, Jake and I have realized that we may be moving multiple times as Jake pursues his medical career (school>residency>a real job)! At present, we are in our first chapter, with many more to come.

I have been thinking a lot about our future, and the future of my writing and homesteading endeavors, which has led me to a name and spirit that I can take with me wherever we may go, even beyond this city. I’m looking forward to expanding upon a lot of the great projects I started last year, including hosting a plant sale, helping out with a community garden, hosting more supper clubs in collaboration with friends and farms, teaching workshops, and continuing to strive to write great stories and feed more people!

With these and many unnamed as yet goals in mind, I am excited to transition to Three Story Homestead. I hope you’ll visit us on our new site: as we continue our journey!


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