City Garden

I’m proud to be a city gardener! While there are many struggles – squash beetles, aphids, drainage, and more – I am lucky to have a patch of food and flowers behind my city rowhouse. When I moved to the city in 2015, I knew I needed to continue to nurture my connection and relationship to land and the earth.

As of April, 2016 I live in a rented end-unit rowhouse. Ours is one of the few “yards” that hasn’t been converted into a parking pad. When we moved in our landlord offered to create a parking pad for us in lieu of the then empty and desolate garden bed, but I adamantly said no. The world doesn’t need more pavement, but it does need more green. What was once just a chunk of dried dirt with a rat’s nest is now a functional green garden grown with a lot of help from Jake and many friends.

We also compost in a big yellow tumbler, collect rainwater, and are attempting to grow grasses that will be friendly to pollinators. So far I’ve seen a bumblebee, ladybugs, butterflies and moths, pollinating wasps, and lightning bugs in our yard. I hope to rotate crops all year long, and next year potentially trellis hops, grapes, and pea vines over our built-in clothesline rack. I use organic practices – no pesticides, herbicides, or Miracle Gro. Even though I sometimes fail, I learn from each plant, and successes are that much sweeter.

Visit us on our new site: for garden updates in 2017!

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