Old Line Supper Club

Old Line Supper Club is a dinner gathering celebrating life and locally grown, seasonal food. Each meal takes a theme emphasizing the seasons of life, cycles of the earth, and the meaning of food and nourishment. Old Line Supper Club is currently hosted in my home in South Baltimore; an intimate location for meaningful meals.

“The Old Line State” is one of Maryland’s nicknames. Originally, I supposed this moniker would ground the supper club geographically in Maryland. I felt that Chesapeake and other area titles would imply too directly a connection to Chesapeake Bay seafood, and I wanted our supper to reach deeper to embrace the whole foodshed of our region. As I researched further, I learned that the “Old Line” was a nickname for Maryland Revolutionary War troops, who were staunch fighters for a new order. It seems all that much more appropriate here, as our meals are intended to advocate for a new order of regional cuisine, seasonal cooking, environmental consciousness, and food empowerment.

Our suppers spring from a delicious collaboration between friends, and we aim to provide satisfying baked goods, exciting cocktails, and vegetable delights. We source produce and grains locally and in season as much as possible to explore the true potential of our foodshed and the meaning of eating through culinary creativity.

We hope you will join us for a meal that is nourishing, thoughtful, and unique.

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Cheers! -Caiti


Photo by Miranda Ellis Hontz