Home cooked meals are necessary. Cooking is a connection to history, other cultures, farmers, the earth, and every person who shares the meal. Cooking is really, really worth it. Don’t stress too much, just cook! Keep trying, and slowly it will get faster, easier, and more satisfying.

Below you’ll find my recipes for meals and snacks.Use the search bar to look up specific ingredients. You can also read recipes from my old blog here. I read a lot of recipes, cookbooks, and food travelogues, but when it comes to crafting a meal I cook from the hip. I rely on my pantry of preserved foods, seasonal produce, a healthy spice cabinet, and goodies that I find at the bottom of my freezer. With an open mind to different cuisines and a well stocked pantry as your tool box, you can make food that is better than any you’d buy. Read my recipes as guides, not mandates. I hope you’ll be inspired to create your own!

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Snacks & Sides